Business process modeling and management tools

Your business processes are unique. We know that, so are ours!

OnBase will model your processes, you will never have to fit your business around OnBase.

All of these are extremely easy to configure without requiring any customised code even for some of the most complex processes.


OnBase delivers greater efficiency and productivity through business process automation. When documents are received they trigger processes, accelerating the business cycle. Documents are automatically routed to the right workers, eliminating transit delays. Workers are notified of pending tasks, allowing transactions to be prioritised. Decisions are made with confidence, informed by easily accessible supporting content.

Transform your business processes – and business performance – with OnBase.

The following modules are complimentary to the Workflow module and are designed to enhance and optimise your business processes further:

Business Process Modeling 

Wouldn't it be valuable to predict the result of process improvement alternatives prior to real-world implementation?

OnBase allows you to simulate, analyse, and optimise process models in order to capitalise on opportunities. Get the information you need to analyse everything from workforce cost and potential bottlenecks to the volume capacity of your process design. Identify and eliminate inefficiencies before they weigh on your bottom line.

Business insight. Not hindsight.

Business Activity Monitoring

You cannot control any process that you cannot measure. Do you know the precise real-time status of your business processes? What is being done? Who is doing it? How long will it take?

OnBase provides executive dashboards that deliver instant visibility into the health of your business. Identify opportunities for improvement and quickly respond to changes in process performance. 

Measure your processes. Take control of your business.

Business Rules Engine

Your organisation's business conditions are constantly changing, from competitive pressures to new regulations. How can you rapidly respond to critical market events – both opportunities and potential threats?

With OnBase, enable your decision makers to adapt to shifting conditions by instantly modifying the business rules that govern your automated organisational processes. Respond to change in minutes, not days.

Stay fast, stay flexible, and keep your business moving forward!

Distribution Service

How are your users notified when they need to be involved in critical business processes? Are you relying on manual e-mail notifications, resulting in unsent or delayed alerts?

OnBase expedites the delivery of e-mail notifications triggered by your automated processes, no user interaction required. Your users are immediately prompted to take action. Easily configure and manage all critical business notifications to all users from a single workstation – increasing security, reliability and control. Improve business auditability by providing a complete historical record of all sent notification e-mails.

Process notification certainty – from OnBase.