Hyland acquired eWebHealth on March 1, 2009. 

Welcome! We’re pleased that eWebHealth is now part of Hyland Software. The addition is a perfect complement to our already stellar Software as a Service (SaaS) and healthcare offerings. We’re confident that you’ll find our expertise makes us particularly well suited to support your hosted needs. 

For example, our own SaaS product has already proven itself over the past seven years. But what really helps to set us apart is that we offer our products by SaaS, hosted and on-premise – and with the option to switch as needed.

Then there’s the fact that most healthcare offerings are for either clinical or administrative functions – but rarely both. As a result, most providers cannot meet the needs of every organisational department with a single system. Hyland, on the other hand, has a proven record managing both the clinical and administrative sides.

We know that SaaS-delivered content management has become the best option for many healthcare organisations. Sometimes, thanks to tight budgets and razor thin IT resources, it’s the only option. Established, respected and award winning, Hyland Software is here to help. 

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