Hyland Software acquired Hershey Systems USA, and its product, Singularity, on September 1, 2010.

We’re proud to consider Hershey customers part of the Hyland Software family. Our goal is to partner with Singularity users to make sure they have the best ECM solution for their organisations’ needs.

Through this partnership, Hyland will continue to fully and completely support Singularity with trained technical resources. Hyland has also leveraged its Singularity knowledge to position OnBase as the most comprehensive ECM solution for the higher education market. Driven by feedback from Singularity end users, OnBase includes transcript capture and transfer credit evaluation capabilities to fully support the largest ECM user base in higher education.

Singularity users, please visit the OnBase Singularity Community page for the most up-to-date information about your Singularity solution, including the most recent announcements, access to the listserv, issue tracking system, frequently asked questions, Singularity discussion and so much more. If you haven't signed up for Community, take a moment to sign up here.