CLEVELAND – Nov. 30, 2011 – More students are returning to college to complete the degree they’ve already started at a previous institution. With the resulting higher volume of transcripts and transfer credits to review, and in most cases, fewer resources to manage the workload, schools need to automate the process as much as possible – from receiving e-transcripts to updating checklists in the student information system (SIS) when the transcript is received. Partnering with electronic credential solution provider Parchment, Hyland Software has extended its OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) software to further automate the capture of transcripts and the transfer credit evaluation process for higher education institutions.

“The high volumes of transfer students have introduced a new complexity to the admissions process. If students’ credits and transcripts aren’t evaluated correctly, they could repeat classes, increasing the cost and time it takes to graduate. Or worse – it could take the school so long to process the credits and transcripts that a student might not register at all,” said Tom von Gunden, higher education industry manager for Hyland Software.

“Because it answers their needs for accuracy and speed, having an ECM solution with the capabilities that OnBase offers has never been more important. And, when it’s augmented with an electronic credential solution like Docufide by Parchment, it creates an end-to-end platform for capturing content from transfer students and evaluating it.”

Here’s how the two solutions work together:

Parchment’s Docufide Receiver provides the most accurate, up-to-date electronic transcript information
OnBase’s native transcript capture capabilities import, index and analyze the transcript data, while at the same time updating the SIS. From there, OnBase checks for course equivalency matches and, if need be, kicks off workflow processes that push the courses in question for additional review, including review by academic departments

“The Parchment and Hyland partnership offers schools the best of both worlds for managing student transcripts – the best information and the best way to manage it. This is critical because schools need to be able to do more than just import transcript data – they need to use it effectively within their departments,” said John O’Connell, senior vice president, business development for Parchment. “Our strategic partnership with Hyland benefits our shared customers by enabling them to streamline the entire admissions process and successfully meet increasing demand for capturing and managing electronic credentials.”

For more information, visit this page about why higher education institutions are choosing OnBase for ECM.

About the Hyland Software solution, OnBase
For more than 20 years, Hyland Software has been dedicated to meeting organizations’ needs for document and process management with OnBase, an enterprise content management (ECM) solution suite. As OnBase has evolved through consistent and customer-driven product innovation, it remains focused on automating business processes that depend on documents, content and people to operate more effectively.

Tailored for departments and comprehensive for the enterprise, OnBase is designed to grow with organizations, whether it chooses an on-premise or software as a service (SaaS) model. OnBase enables more than 10,400 organizations, from state universities to private schools to community colleges, to be more efficient today and into the future. Leveraging more than 250 Authorized OnBase Solution Providers, Hyland’s partner network, these organizations span 61 countries. For more information about Hyland Software’s ECM solutions, please visit

About Parchment
Parchment's mission is to unleash education credentials by unlocking the critical data they embody. The Company works with institutions and corporations around the world helping people collect, promote, and share their education credentials in simple and secure ways. Six state education agencies, 7,000 schools and universities, and hundreds of thousands of individuals trust the Docufide® by Parchment platform to transform and deliver millions of transcripts and other student records each year. More information at