Demystifying ECM - Part Two

This three-part recorded webinar series, Demystifying ECM, presented by Glenn Gibson, Hyland Software’s product marketing manager, explores the past, present and future of enterprise content management (ECM), and how it can fit into your organisation’s plans.

In part one, Gibson illustrates the simplicity of enterprise content management and the wonder it can bring to you organisation. Part two uses real-life examples of how ECM has reshaped organisations just like yours - to ignite your imagination with ideas about how you can improve your business. Finally, in part three, Gibson shows you what happens if you stick with the status quo and do nothing – versus taking a bold step forward and justifying the investment to your organisation.

Watch them all, watch one or two or forward to a colleague. They are at your disposal. And if you like this content, you may want to look at our ECM Guide.

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