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Electronic capture—or scanning and imaging—along with automated integration of business documents into enterprise system processes, has proven to be a fundamental driver in key business initiatives including:

  • faster response to internal/external customers
  • case management, workflow and collaboration
  • data analytics
  • improved process productivity
  • continuity, high availability and disaster recovery initiatives
  • sustainability and cost savings

The decision to outsource versus bringing capture operations in-house is directly influenced by capabilities of each to support both your immediate needs and longer-term mission. Image and data quality, trust in the in-house solution or third-party vendor, and cost are chief considerations.

In-house scanning requires staff, hardware, software and space dedicated to the effort, as well as expertise in producing quality images and in incorporating them into business processes. Contracting with a vendor removes many of these on-going requirements, but partnering with the right vendor—not only compliant but whose area of expertise supports and supplements your organisational goals—is paramount. 

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