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Information management is a cornerstone of any organisation. 

Managing and recording what an organisation knows, what has been said, what inputs are received, what decisions and commitments have been made, and what results are achieved, is key to continual improvement and success.  

As the information and content management industry rapidly evolves, do you have an effective strategy in place? 

AIIM’s Information Management: State of the Industry 2016 report highlights the current state of the industry and how different ECM system strategies match the overall goals of the information management lifecycle.  

Download the report to explore new AIIM research findings, including:

  • The most significant business drivers for information management investments (hint: compliance and risk are at the top of the list for large organisations)
  • Why 75 per cent agree that email management is still the ‘elephant in the room’ when it comes to managing information
  • Current adoption of mobile, cloud and file sync and share capabilities