Industry Solutions

Partner with industry experts who speak your language

For more than 20 years, Hyland has developed its ECM product OnBase to meet the specific needs of the markets it serves. We have deep and market-leading solutions for these industries including healthcare, government, financial services, insurance, higher education and many others.

Our industry expertise allows us to shorten discovery and solution development. We speak your language and know your challenges so we can solve problems faster and more effectively.

With Hyland, you not only get the most nimble and intuitive ECM solution on the market today, you get a company that aligns with your specific needs and solves your business challenges today and in the future.

Financial Services

Manage content electronically across the entire enterprise in banks, credit unions and loan offices – from loan application processing to email archiving


Hyland Software’s OnBase helps each level of government meet today’s challenges of smaller budgets and staffs while laying the foundation for simplified, streamlined and mobile government information technology.


With OnBase, information is available within the applications clinicians and staff already know, driving improvements in patient care and service

Higher Education

You can’t find and retain the best students with paper slowing you down. With OnBase, electronic documents and process automation speed up decision-making


As a leading provider of OnBase, a rapidly deployable enterprise content management solution, Hyland Software provides world class solutions for the insurance industry.

Department Solutions

OnBase meets the unique needs and challenges of each individual department with a single solution, speeding up processes and increasing accuracy.


OnBase integrates with any of your applications, helping to streamline processes with instant information access regardless of the application used.