Cloud Enterprise Content Management

Confidently manage your content with ECM in the cloud

Convenience or functionality. You shouldn’t have to choose one over the other. That’s why when you choose to deploy your OnBase solution either on-premises or in the cloud, you get the same components, power and performance. This flexibility delivers unmatched cloud enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities while empowering organisations to easily migrate between the two platforms as needed.


Providing hosted solutions since 2000, Hyland has pioneered cloud content management in the Hyland Cloud, delivering robust solutions to more than 800 global organisations. These customers access their content and information from a dedicated cloud ECM environment of several highly-secure private cloud data centres strategically located around the globe. With this level of global coverage, you can decide where your data resides, choosing a location that is compliant with the privacy and governance rules of your industry or region.

Not your average enterprise cloud ECM solution

Because of Hyland’s history with and understanding of hosted solutions, the Hyland Cloud is designed to:


  • Deliver fully functional content management in the cloud
  • Facilitate high-volume, transactional ECM including captureworkflow and mobile and tablet access
  • Supply unlimited upload and download of documents — no throttling of bandwidth or charging additional fees
  • Provide the exact same experience to users AND administrators as an on-premises solution — without adding strain to your IT department
  • Offer multiple deployment, test and sandbox options to meet the needs of your specific organisation


No matter how you decide to deploy OnBase, you get the convenience and functionality you need to control your organisation’s information in a single solution. Whether in the cloud or on the ground, OnBase can meet your content and information needs.