Solutions for SAP ArchiveLink

By integrating OnBase with SAP ArchiveLink, you link your business transactions to needed business documents across your organisation.

Instead of searching through file cabinets or computer shares to find information, users access documents supporting business transactions right from their familiar SAP screens.

SAP integration enables business agility and strategic planning

With the SAP integration, organisations reduce operating costs and manual work, improving staff productivity.

By integrating with SAP ArchiveLink, organisations:

  • Eliminate the cost of storing and maintaining paper documents
  • Store images in OnBase to free up space in SAP to handle more transactions
  • Speed up training and onboarding by creating standardised processes

This integration with SAP also transforms business processes. Using OnBase, organisations:

  • Reduce manual data entry into SAP, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks and initiatives
  • Automate data extraction and validation from documents like sales orders and vendor invoices
  • Eliminate paper form processing with electronic forms and workflow for areas like invoice approvals and employee onboarding

Improve process controls to increase visibility and minimise risk

With the SAP integration, OnBase increases visibility into your people and processes, adding consistency while providing insight into the status of jobs and processes.

OnBase also minimises risk and reduces costs associated with compliance fees and fines by:

  • Demonstrating documented process controls and procedures
  • Providing a full audit trail for documents, processes, actions and activities
  • Protecting sensitive information with configured user rights
  • Defining clear segregation of duties for employees

Empowers your employees to work smarter

OnBase equips employees with the tools they need to better manage work and enable collaborative business processes.

By consolidating all the information surrounding your business processes in OnBase, users:

  • Eliminate searching in multiple locations including spreadsheets and email for needed information
  • Enable users to add and update information, schedule events and manage tasks alongside supporting documents
  • Quickly access needed information via their preferred work environment (SAP, email, mobile phone, tablet, etc.)

Ready to learn more? Contact OnBase by Hyland to speak with an OnBase expert to find out how your organization can benefit by integrating OnBase with SAP ArchiveLink.