What’s New

OnBase Foundation: the most feature-rich, secure and forward-looking version of OnBase

Welcome to OnBase 18, the world’s most powerful, versatile and intuitive platform for managing content, processes and cases across the enterprise.

Incorporating more than 10,000 updates and 3,100 customer-driven enhancements, OnBase 18 reflects countless hours of research, development and testing. This is all in an effort to equip organisations to thrive in the ever-evolving information management space.

OnBase 18 equips organisations to build better, more personalised user experiences – giving them improved access to the information they need, where and when they need it.

You’ll also find countless enhancements that benefit both OnBase users and administrators, including:

  • A new, combined viewer that personalises the display of content and data into a streamlined and consolidated view to tailor experiences for a variety of user roles
  • Enhanced mobile capabilities that deliver personalised case management applications and tighter integrations with common mobile business apps
  • Bolstered security with the addition of touch ID for iOS and increased identity provider support for streamlined authentication
  • New tools that make it easier to administer OnBase and roll out solutions enterprise-wide, including the ability to more easily create test systems and migrate solutions to production environments
  • Continued alignment between OnBase and other offerings in our product portfolio, from ShareBase to our acquired offerings like Brainware and PACSgear

With each release, we’re making OnBase more powerful, more configurable and more capable of integrating with other business applications and delivering content services.

We can’t wait for you to experience all OnBase 18 has to offer. Start planning for an OnBase upgrade now, and access more information and release training on the OnBase Community!

Highlights from prior releases

OnBase 17 included nearly 3,500 customer-focused changes as well as a completely enhanced user experience across our clients – modernising the user interface and improving navigation and usability throughout the platform.

Seven ways to make your upgrade easier

Upgrades are vital to realising the return on your technology investment, and these steps will help you reap the benefits of upgrading.

The value of annual upgrades

Hyland’s commitment to the research and development of OnBase is unparalleled – 100 per cent of our research and development investment goes into the enhancement of the OnBase suite of solutions.