Records Management

Minimise risk, support compliance with an OnBase records management system

With an OnBase records management system, organisations easily meet legal retention requirements with regard to its corporate documents and records, thereby avoiding fines, jail time, costly audits and more.

With OnBase, organisations can manage retention plans and take advantage of multiple destruction options.

Streamline from creation to destruction with a records management system

OnBase minimises risk and supports compliance by securely storing, protecting and destroying your information in accordance with applicable regulations – without needing to purchase additional third-party software or hardware.

By consolidating all of your important content into one system, OnBase solves the problems associated with managing content across a variety of databases, systems and physical storage locations.

Using OnBase for records management, organisations:

  • Enable complete lifecycle management from document creation to declaration through final disposition
  • Improve consistency and precision by automating manual tasks like creating new records and checking records for completeness
  • Ensure timely disposal of qualified records automatically or after required approval

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