Tech Support

Our customers love OnBase because it’s user friendly. They love our Tech Support for the same reason.

Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, OnBase customers have access to Tech Support analysts that speak their language. Analysts collaborate with Hyland Software’s partners and customers to support solutions specific to their industry and diagnose common issues. Small teams of analysts work with a select group of partner companies and customers to better understand and document their needs. It’s one of the reasons Hyland sees a 98 per cent maintenance renewal rate year-over-year.

The more than 140 full-time Tech Support analysts are certified OnBase installers, equipped with constantly expanding OnBase knowledge and training. Analysts understand the importance of responding promptly to requests for assistance so our Community of OnBase Professionals stay productive and continue making the most of their ECM solution. Our users experience a 70.8 per cent same-day closure rate and a nearly 78 per cent 48-hour closure rate. 

Tech Support is never outsourced to third parties or overseas. OnBase customers work with a dedicated point person from the moment they reach out for help until the issue is resolved. Analysts develop strong relationships with partner company technical staff, helping them quickly identify a plan to effectively solve any challenges our customers may experience when configuring or using OnBase. 

By taking ownership of issues and being advocates for our customers, Tech Support analysts approach each call as an opportunity to grow expertise in OnBase and help users make the complex simple.

To find your support team please visit My OnBase on Hyland Community.

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