Becker Mining

As projects at Becker Mining Systems grew in scope, gaps in communication between the project teams located across Australia began to emerge. The company needed a central location to access documents and to maintain version control on them.

CFO George Buckley explains, “What has changed is now there is much more collaboration on any given project. For example, we may have a project running at Moss Vale that calls for heavy involvement of some Newcastle staff. Therefore, there needs to be an excellent information flow between Newcastle and Moss Vale.”

To ensure engineers were always accessing the same and most up-to-date drawings, Becker implemented OnBase enterprise content management (ECM).

“I found the cost of ownership was much lower than alternative systems. There are other solutions out there but they can be extremely expensive,” Buckley states. “The other thing about OnBase is that it’s been around for some time and that means you can know you aren’t going to get too many issues.”

Now with OnBase in place, all engineering drawing are managed in the secure, central OnBase repository and there’s no more confusion or miscommunication around which drawings are accurate. Paper drawings get scanned in, while digital files are quickly imported into OnBase from within any application.

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