Loan Processing Software

Automate Loan Processing

Increase speed, accuracy, decrease costs with loan processing software

OnBase enhances your ability as a lender to make decisions on loans so you close them quicker than your competition. It also decreases the time and costs involved in the delivery of a loan. 

With OnBase electronic documents and workflows, you automatically forward complete and accurate packages through the loan process, while notifying the proper people when they’re ready for review, incomplete or inaccurate. The increased speed helps catch errors and recognise revenue quicker. 

Lenders and customers also receive their loan documentation faster and with greater accuracy, laying the foundation for future sales opportunities. When it comes time for servicing, you manage documents like checks, letters and reports with the original loan information. 

Everything you need to process, underwrite and service a loan is in one place.

Optimise loan processing with OnBase

Further improving the loan process, OnBase makes it easy to track documentation for loans associated with many borrowers by letting you grant multiple parties the ability to collaborate and manage revisions. The increased speed and access improves customer service levels and ensures opportunities for new business stay high.

With OnBase providing one central location to store and manage electronic documents, you:

  • Close loans quickly, giving you a competitive advantage 
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of your loan process to recognise revenue quicker 
  • Proactively manage local, state and federal regulations and quickly prepare for audits

By using the OnBase loan processing solution to optimise your processes, your speed and accuracy make your loans the obvious choice.

And, with ShareBase by Hyland, you can share your lending documents to speed processing even further. The natural interaction between ShareBase and OnBase allows you to securely share those files automatically as part of the OnBase lending process with those who do not have access to your OnBase solution.