Public Records

Solutions for Public Records Request Management

Increase transparency with OnBase government records management

Access to public records is a cornerstone of an open, transparent government. Clerks, courts and many other agencies are fielding more requests for documents than ever before, but with staff reductions, meeting these requests means other work can’t get done. While constituents continue to request better online services, government departments and agencies are still working with decades of paper documents.

OnBase Public Records solutions further transparency and open government initiatives by helping departments meet legal responsibilities for providing access to public records. From easy retrieval for staff in public offices to online request tools and automated records packet creation, OnBase helps organisations meet records requests in a timely fashion. OnBase features tools for retrieving and bundling documents to meet records requests, provide constituent self-service access, automate the request process, make documents available for sale online and even redact confidential information – all while lowering costs and providing staff with more time to focus on other important initiatives.

OnBase also helps organisations’ public records efforts become more efficient for the future. Using OnBase, agencies can start by automating records retrieval and leverage the solution as time, budget and goals permit to provide constituents with self-service and online access to records.