Electronic Plan Review

Managing plan reviews from submission to approval can mean paper plan sets that are costly to provide and difficult to work with or mark up. Paper-based reviews are time-consuming and hard to track while approved plan sets present a long term storage challenge that can’t be easily accessed by field staff and first responders. With OnBase Plan Review, submission, review, and approval is paperless with workflows that provide process transparency while supporting real-time collaboration between reviewers and easy long term storage.  

Using OnBase:

  • Provide a convenient submission portal eliminating costly paper plan sets
  • Leverage data from your permitting solutions and pass to your plan review process
  • Route and track review assignment and collaborate in real time 
  • Securely store approved plans and make them available across your organisation

With OnBase Plan Review, receive submissions directly into OnBase through a website portal. Pass data from your permitting solution to create new review projects. OnBase automatically organises plan sets and documents then routes them to coordinators or reviewers for assignment and approval. 

Once the review begins, support your staff with a native plan viewer that can create mark-ups and comments along with a side-by-side comparison tool making it easy for reviewers to see changes that were made or need to occur. Real-time access to comments improves collaboration among reviewers and once the review is complete, reviewers can stamp, seal and sign the approved plans. At the heart of OnBase Plan Review is a central, secure repository that safely stores plans while making them available in and out of the office.