Securely exchange medical documentation with OnBase Mackinac

Increase collaboration and speed processes while reducing costs

Healthcare Payer

Current methods of exchanging medical documentation place healthcare payers and providers alike at a disadvantage. Sending information by fax, mail, overnight delivery, courier services or web portals is a less-than-ideal approach to coordination of care – and a slow one, at that. The lack of collaboration and processing delays that result create a number of challenges, from inaccurate payments to penalties for not meeting mandated claims payment timeframes.

OnBase Mackinac securely exchanges information electronically, guarantees delivery and facilitates collaboration. The result? More accurate, consistent and faster processes, greater transparency, less risk and lower costs for healthcare organisations.

Expedite information exchange

Utilising your existing secure infrastructure and services, OnBase Mackinac electronically routes the right information to the right person at the right time. Parties share data and documents in seconds, not days, while eliminating lost or misplaced information.  

Expediting the exchange of medical documentation speeds claims payment processes – a win-win for both payers and providers. Payers avoid fines for noncompliance and avoid time-based exceptions, while providers experience faster and more accurate claims resolution.

Reduce costs 

OnBase Mackinac eliminates the high costs of communicating through fax, postal mail, couriers, overnight delivery and web portals. Instead, the sender and receiver split the per-transaction fee evenly. The workflow and business process management solution has the potential to reduce a payer’s cost-per-transaction by more than half while cutting expensive communication costs for providers. The expedited decision-making that automated routing, approval and verification workflows create benefit all healthcare organisations. And, because it is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, OnBase Mackinac requires no capital investment. 

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