Realise a new level of efficiency in the endoscopy suite

OnBase GI Capture & Reporting creates more consistent and comprehensive reports to increase collaboration and patient care while expediting downstream processes

By expanding OnBase into the endoscopy lab, healthcare organisations eliminate error-prone manual and inconsistent endoscopic processes to elevate patient care – all while maximising their enterprise content management (ECM) investment.

OnBase GI Capture & Reporting Solutions provides users with an intuitive and efficient environment. When an image is captured during the procedure, OnBase immediately indexes and securely stores it, uniting the captured data – indications, impressions and/or images taken during a procedure – with the associated patient information for more comprehensive exam reports.

Quick access to high-quality reporting not only increases collaboration among your referring physicians, but it speeds coding processes. Tight integrations to your EMR, scheduling, pathology lab and billing systems allows OnBase GI Capture & Reporting to streamline workflows and standardise endoscopic procedures, improving efficiencies at both the clinical and administrative level.

OnBase GI Capture & Reporting:

  • Improves GI process efficiency though integrations with other core systems, including scheduling, billing, EMRs and pathology lab applications
  • Provides immediate access to captured and indexed images to ensure secure, accurate archiving of images for reimbursement purposes and current
    (as well as future) reference
  • Creates more comprehensive reports with intuitive tools that associate
    and display selected images with the patient’s other clinical data
  • Supports organisational and clinical needs through consistent, standardised endoscopy procedures
  • Streamlines billing processes allowing clinicians to select diagnosis codes directly within the GI report, making them immediately available to begin the claims process
  • Facilitates collaboration between specialists and referring physicians with built-in, rules-based email capabilities that automatically send the procedure report upon completion to the appropriate parties