Medical Credentialing Software

Hospitals have many ways of tracking medical staff and provider credentials. Some have legacy systems with gaps in the solution that they need to fill. Others do it the old-fashioned way with spreadsheets and paper files. Some do a little of both.

None of these methods provide a complete picture.

What is medical staff credentialing software?

Manually compiling medical staff and provider credential packets is not only slow, but it creates room for error. By automating much of the medical staff credentialing process, OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solutions help healthcare organisations comply with regulatory standards. And, by tracking all applications and related data in one central and secure location, OnBase helps ensure you have complete medical provider credential packets.

A complete medical staff credentialing process

OnBase provides hospitals with two options to solving their clinician credentialing challenges. The first is to have OnBase serve as a complete solution, providing a full range of features, including:

OnBase serves as a complete solution, providing a full range of features, including:

  • Comprehensive reports to show what is missing for every clinician with automated reminders
  • The ability to manage requirements for different states and specialties
  • Online applications to kick off the credentialing process and for uploading and viewing documents
  • The ability to approve credential requests via mobile devices – iPad, iPhone, and Android.

OnBase provides a comprehensive, configurable workflow solution, helping save time while ensuring quick and accurate completion of credentialing requirements.

If you choose to keep your current medical provider credentialing system in place, another option is to integrate it with OnBase. OnBase offers a variety of integration tools and methods to ensure seamless unification of both platforms, from a non-programmatic approach to a full API. As a result, your healthcare organisation:

Leverages its existing credentialing system

Augments that system's functionality in a way that best suits your hospital with a flexible application-building toolkit

Aligns your medical credentialing solution with your specific needs and requirements.

Regardless of which approach your hospital chooses, OnBase serves as a foundational application that reduces one-off point solutions, eliminates isolated silos of information and extends throughout your hospital.

Instead of solving a single, but important challenge, you'll have a single, enterprise platform in place to manage your hospital's content and automate processes in departments throughout the organisation, whether administrative or clinical.