Provide a comprehensive view of clinical content through the OnBase Patient Window

Unify all clinical content, provide secure access through the EPR, empower more informed decisions and more effective care

Despite efforts to the contrary, many clinicians are not fully utilising the EPR. But, if the information they need is too difficult to find or simply isn’t there, one can’t really blame them. Sharing clinical data across the enterprise is difficult, especially when different specialty areas create and store various forms of clinical content in disparate, disconnected systems.

OnBase connects these information silos while optimizing your existing health information technology. 

This not only boosts the use of your system of record, helping your healthcare organisation meet federal e-health initiatives and avoid penalties, but, more importantly, it empowers clinicians, providing quick and easy access to more comprehensive patient information.

Centralises clinical content enterprise wide

The OnBase Patient Window brings all types of clinical content together, including DICOM and non-DICOM content. And, it does so without having to first migrate the images produced in Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology or any other “ology” to an enterprise VNA or archive solution.

Then, through a seamless integration with your EPR,the solution provides clinicians and staff with a single point of access to view clinical content in its native format and in context with the patient record, starting from within your system of record. The added functionality simply becomes a new feature of the existing EPR.

By establishing a single point of access within the EPR, healthcare organisations:

  • Avoid purchasing a variety of system licenses by providing physicians role-based access to clinical content within the EPMR through the Patient Window.
  • Reduce unnecessary clinical scans and duplicate texts, empowering more confident patient care through access to more comprehensive patient information.
  • Provide clinicians one place to view CT scans, MRIs and X-rays as well as EKGs, fetal strips, pathology reports and wound images – all presented in context alongside the patient record.

Supports more informed patient care

With the OnBase Patient Window, clinicians spend less time searching for the clinical content they need so that they have more time to use the information to inform treatment plans, make diagnoses or educate patients.

Personalised care tabs let clinicians quickly identify the latest test results or changes to established treatment plans. Case containers, timeline reviews, thumbnails as well as side-by-side comparisons allow clinicians to view notes from referring physicians alongside ultrasounds, examine today’s EKG alongside a previous one and see X-rays next to the associated radiologist report.