Gift Processing

Automated gift processing for higher education creates faster fund disbursement

Advancement and Development offices are constantly working to raise funds across various programmes, departments and institutional initiatives. But if the rely on slow, manual, paper-based gift processing, the negative effects can be felt campus-wide.

And while many institutions are deploying caging or lockbox functionality to speed gift processing and manage transaction volume, Advancement still needs one, comprehensive, digital view of the donor record with specific transaction details. 

Was the cheque signed by the wife or the husband?  Was the gift from the couple’s company or foundation with soft credit to the alumnae?  What was their address at the time of the gift.  What accompanying letter did they send?  What did they say when they sent that cheque in the mail?  

Meticulous gift processing departments account for any and all questions when entering transaction into the advancement CRM solution, including:

  • Which spouse signed the cheque?
  • What was their address at the time of the gift? 
  • Did they send an accompanying letter?

But to be confident they can answer all these questions and more, fundraisers need to see copies of the original documents.  

Now they can.  

OnBase for Gift Processing provides the detail fundraisers need to understand the story behind every gift – in one, central, secure, digital location. Every gift and pledge payment and accompanying documentation are instantly receivable, with the security in place to protect anonymity. Centralising this information simplifies audit processes as well by ending the hunt for paper records.

The OnBase gift processing solution also brings automation to gift activities like gift matching and routing and searching for open pledges. It also creates and stores “thank you” letters and other correspondence, automatically updating donor records in the CRM or donor management system. This gives staff members more time to focus on cultivating relationships with prospects and steward donors.