Downer Rail

With over a century of experience in delivering total rail solutions including rolling stock and infrastructure, Downer Rail has approximately 20 sites across Australia and employs around 1,400 people.

Human Resource (HR) records need to be stored for regulatory and business reasons. Downer Rail had physical files stored in all of its Australia-wide sites, occupying valuable office space. Access to relevant files was difficult and time consuming. The Payroll and HR business units needed a digital solution to electronically manage files to improve access and workflow efficiency. Management needed to mitigate the risks around the collection of personal data and ensure security protocols were met and monitored.

Follow this link to learn how Recall™ provides digital solution, powered by OnBase to improve security and access of HR files for Downer Rail.

Greater workflow efficiency and streamlined accessibility are the measurable benefits of this digital solution. There have also been other positive advantages to the new process.