Global Trade

The world of global trade is full of constantly changing compliance demands, multinational trade regulations and customer supply chain networks. Keeping up with all of it can be a complex and overwhelming challenge. But by implementing the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution from Hyland Software, you can ensure full speed, full control and full compliance for your organisation’s processes.

With OnBase Global Trade Solutions, you convert the documentation your global trade processes rely on into an electronic format. This allows you to store all of your information in a single, central location, allowing you to quickly pull up any supporting documents or correspondence with a single mouse-click.

Ease the compliance demands of worldwide regulations

Storing your organisation’s documentation in a single, electronic location also simplifies the compliance demands of global trade. OnBase Global Trade Solutions automatically captures trade documents and supporting communications, retaining them for the appropriate amount of recordkeeping time based on region and document type. This removes the costs and wasted time associated with managing, storing and disposing of paper records.

OnBase Global Trade Solutions also keeps an audit trail for every document in the system, giving you an accurate record of every action taken on your documents as well as who took the action. This trail makes your staff more accountable and simplifies compliance and audit needs by making it easy to prove the correct actions have been taken every time.

Speed and automate the entry process

By integrating with your existing transportation software applications, OnBase Global Trade Solutions also eliminates data re-entry simplifies entry processes. Connecting your existing systems and eliminating paper allows you to automate the flow of information throughout your organisation and remove the manual tasks that slow them down. This reduces the operational costs per entry and enables you to process more entries with less staff.

Provide improved customer service

With OnBase Global Trade Solutions, you grant importers, carriers and regulators increased visibility into entry status by providing documentation in online customer dashboards. Not only that, but you enable them to take action on their electronic forms from any device – from desktops to tablets to smartphones. Granting this level of access to customers allows importers to quickly find answers to their questions, removing the need to call and wait for someone to hunt the answers down.