Mercury Insurance

Discover how the OnBase and Guidewire integration gives insurance companies 360-degree views of customer information.

Video Transcript

Mercury Insurance: Integrated & Responsive

I'm Abby Hussein; I'm Chief Technology Officer at Mercury Insurance. We're a property and casualty insurance company with presence in 13 states. We’re north of $ 2.7 billion in turnover; we have about 5,000 employees.

Today, we use OnBase for our insurance claims and underwriting operations. Our initial need was around customer correspondence and digitizing -- capturing that communication and quickly getting it to the right location within our organisation.

Before, it was in a file folder down the hall. So you had to go get it, and then you're in a system, you're typing away, but you have to shuffle paper to get to the information. Today, everything is in one place. You got tabs, you got data, you can look at things, you can look at system data, you can look at documents -- all in a dual-screen environment. And not have to change your focus or go fetch documents and what have you. So today they use disparate technologies: They use SharePoint, they use file folders, they use paper files. And tomorrow, they can essentially have all of this information available to them in a secure way using OnBase.

Creating a Whole That’s Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

We've had a long-standing strategy of centralizing our system interfaces in Guidewire. We needed a single vendor with an elegant architecture that could provide both state-of-the-art capture and ingestion technology, as well as the ability to fully integrate with Guidewire.

We wanted to avoid being the system integrator. We didn't want to buy a separate ingestion technology and a separate ECM technology and integrate it ourselves. And OnBase, uniquely, was positioned to give us both a good ingestion technology -- multi-channel, fax, email, paper -- and the ability to fully integrate with Guidewire.

That vision became much more powerful when we added OnBase to the solution. It now allows the employees to have one place to have both their workflows, their cases, as well as their documents. And the sum of those two technologies is far greater than each of them independently. That has not only freed our staff to do other things that would help our customers but also has created a workflow capability and a workforce management capability that is highly dynamic.

I think one of the greatest benefits of what we have achieved with OnBase is the ability to take the customer communication and hear them and respond to them very quickly. The whole digital strategy can come to fruition because of what we can do with OnBase.

ECM technology is difficult to justify within an organisation. It's an essential component of a digital strategy but one that is difficult to really sell as an IT or a business initiative. In Hyland, we realized a company that really understands insurance. That really invest in customer solutions that are insurance-centric and their desire and willingness to partner with our key strategic vendor, Guidewire, was very important to us. And we were pleasantly surprised that we have this shared goal and a mutual objective to create a powerful solution.