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We know researching enterprise content management (ECM) providers can be a challenging task. After all, choosing an ECM solution isn't just a software investment. It's an investment in that ECM provider's strategic ability to provide both a product and services that will continue to evolve, supporting you and your business objectives for years to come. That's where research tools, like industry analyst reports, can help. Download your complimentary copy of the Gartner and Forrester ECM reports today. 

Considerations when evaluating ECM vendors

Make sure to consider the following concepts when choosing an ECM provider and product suite:

Does the ECM product have the capability to start in a department and scale to fit your enterprise needs? If you need to start in a department but have the strategic plan to expand your ECM solution across your enterprise, you need a product that’s powerful enough to fit your needs. 

Does the ECM product seamlessly integrate with your organization's everyday business and enterprise applications? If so, your employees will never have to log out of one system and into another or go to a file room to find the information they need. It's all right there in their familiar application. 

Does the vendor provide flexible deployment options? A high-value ECM provider will deliver flexible deployment options, including on-premises, hosted and deployment in the cloud. A nimble vendor will also give customers the ability to move between these options as their organization's needs change or business expands.

Is the vendor committed to continuously strengthening its core platform? Consider how each vendor reinvests in the research and development of its product. Valuable research and development programs are a good indicator of how the company develops for and with its users. 

Does the vendor partner with its customers? Does it focus on helping customers find solutions to its everyday needs to help them achieve their business goals? Customer service should include technical support, but it should also include actionable ways for your voice to be heard so your solution can meet your needs today and grow with you into the future.