Commercial Lending Solutions for Banks

OnBase improves the bank lending process by importing loan applications electronically – regardless of format – into OnBase’s unique foldering functionality. Closely resembling physical folders, OnBase virtual folders store all content surrounding a particular business or loan. With employees using an intuitive interface that is based on previous paper-based processes, training is minimal. 

Improving service, banks use OnBase to publish selected documents with third-party service providers and investors via the Web. With restricted security access, these parties only see documents specific to them. In addition, lenders can extend this privilege to auditors and allow them to retrieve authorized documents, improving compliance and easing audits. 

OnBase puts your bank ahead of competition by:  

  • Processing additional loans without increasing staff 
  • Sharing files with third-party service providers and investors online
  • Improving loan servicing with instant access to documents 
  • Providing superior service by immediately responding to customer inquiries and requests
  • Enabling multiple users in multiple locations to simultaneously access loan files

By reducing paper-based processes, banks service more loans with less resources.