Optimize mortgage lending from origination to servicing

Mortgage lending solutions automate processes from origination to delivery

From origination and underwriting, through post-close and audit, to servicing and shipping and delivery, OnBase offers proven solutions to shorten the lending cycle and make it more cost-effective. 

As the industry continues toward a completely paperless mortgage, OnBase allows lenders to capture documents and information electronically and automate manual and time-consuming processes. Instead of tracking and maintaining documents, employees focus on customer service and industry trends to increase profits.

Optimize with OnBase

The faster you process refinances and modifications, the faster you focus on getting new mortgages – and profits – in the door. Just as important, customer service levels and opportunities for new business stay high. OnBase ensures all information needed to refinance or modify the loan is accurate and complete before automatically routing the loan through appropriate approvals. Workflow timers and reminders keep the process moving as quickly as possible to keep costs low and service high.

Mortgage files often exceed 100 pages and include multiple documents. OnBase stores and manages these documents as digital images – regardless of format – and routes them to the right underwriter to facilitate a paperless mortgage. Because OnBase integrates with other systems, users access documents when and where they need them, either directly from a LOS system or a virtual e-folder. 

No more lost or misfiled documents to chase. Instead, employees spend time with the most qualified customers while using familiar applications to speed service.