Extend the value of your Allscripts Homecare solution

AllDocs Homecare, an Allscripts solution powered by OnBase by Hyland, saves home healthcare nurses and staff from the hassle of traveling to retrieve and deliver forms. Home healthcare organizations also save storage and printing costs. 

AllDocs Homecare provides users with electronic access to all the forms they require, eliminating the need for paper. Forms can be automatically pre-populated with patient information already captured in Allscripts. The forms are also automatically associated with complementary information, such as wound photos, photos of conditions, documents or any other captured content within the patient’s chart.  

Using AllDocs Homecare helps you:

  • Access all necessary documents while in the field, even while offline 
  • Synchronize automatically to ensure updated information 
  • Associate content with patient recorded automatically for reduced errors 
  • Automate approval processes and notifications 
  • Enable remote care through e-forms and offline signatures at the point of care 

Empower informed care

Hyland's partnership with Allscripts creates an API-level integration, ensuring tight integration and immediate access to content. Advanced synchronization helps ensure that additional AllDocs information is downloaded and uploaded quickly. HL7 integration eliminates the need to double-enter information. Whether synching only patients assigned to a specific nurse, all patients on a team, all patients in a given branch or all patients in an assigned business unit, AllDocs knows what to do – through a flexible, updatable point-and-click document mapping wizard. Finally, a forms-generation tool allows you to create any number of forms you require to meet your organization’s exact needs.

The only content- and document-management solution developed jointly with Allscripts, AllDocs Homecare provides you with the tools you need to deliver more effective, more informed care – within and beyond the four walls of your facility.