Streamline outpatient operations in the physician office

Outpatient clinics know all too well how reimbursement cuts and changes in the market directly impact their bottom line. Many of the dollars invested in outpatient offices come from the physicians who serve there on a daily basis – personal investments and partnerships. This leaves no room for process errors, workflow inefficiencies, and time-consuming paper woes. In this environment, every patient counts – every procedure and every filing must be correct the first time to keep the physician office on the path to success. 

The key to optimizing your outpatient operations is having the kind of well-organized, efficient environment that OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solutions create. From the moment a patient is scheduled until their encounter is closed and their insurance filed, documents and information are being generated. OnBase provides a central repository for any patient-related content that exists outside the EMR or clinic’s information system, such as a RIS, CIS or PACS. Having OnBase provides you with:

  • Easy ingestion and indexing of documents (paper and electronic), image files, audio files, and a host of other file types for a complete record 
  • Access to related documents at any point in work process 
  • Electronic forms to eliminate unnecessary paper from entering the system, saving costs and time 
  • Automated workflow solutions to route the right document to the right person at the right time 
  • Integration with your existing line-of-business systems and EMR – maximum your existing investments 

OnBase team members, from those guiding the development of solutions to those delivering them, have been in your shoes. We’ve not only worked in healthcare, but also in the outpatient and physician office environment. As an organization, we take the time to learn your practice, to find out what makes you successful and what’s impeding that success. Our team can help you make improvements in every area that needs work – from scheduling and registration, insurance and billing, accounting and HR, to the clinical environment. We then work with you to build the right solution to fill the gaps in your processes – allowing you to stop leaks and see returns more quickly.

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