ROM Reinsurance Uses Hyland Software’s Cloud ECM Solution, OnBase Online, to Enable Business Continuity after Superstorm Sandy

CLEVELAND – March 21, 2013 – More than four months ago Superstorm Sandy devastated the east coast leaving businesses, homes and families unsure of what lay ahead. ROM Reinsurance (ROM), located in downtown Manhattan, felt the effects of the superstorm immediately, losing power and connectivity to its IT systems and putting a hold on its business functions. After the initial panic subsided, the reinsurance services provider reached out to Hyland Software to see how they could work together to get its systems back up and running. Working with Hyland, ROM was able to switch its ECM deployment from the on-premises solution to Hyland’s cloud-based solution, OnBase Online, and regained business functionality to access information and support clients after the storm.

ROM Reinsurance, a five-year customer, initially implemented OnBase to fulfill its paperless goals and streamline business processes with workflow. Today, ROM has eliminated all physical files and relies on accessing OnBase for a majority of its business needs. But after Superstorm Sandy hit New York, ROM faced a bigger threat than paper. “With three feet of water in the lobby, we were very thankful that we eliminated paper but anxious because we weren’t sure how to keep our business running. Our data and documents were on our IT systems, and we didn’t have access to them. We reached out to our Hyland representative and discussed transferring our solution to the cloud,” said Marianne Petillo, president and CEO of ROM Reinsurance.

After speaking with Hyland’s cloud experts, ROM regained hope. Soon after ROM contacted Hyland it had access to the information it needed to process claims in a timely manner, get payments out before year’s end and complete other year-end closing processes on time.

ROM estimated business was running at about 85 percent after the storm. “Without the assistance of Hyland’s cloud solution experts we wouldn’t have been able to function and I truly don’t know what we would have done. After such a positive experience, my praise for Hyland’s service has only grown,” said Petillo.

“Helping ROM transfer its solution into OnBase Online enabled employees to access documents and data to continue business and keep up with increased workloads from the storm,” said Mike Carter, Hyland’s director of cloud services. “Using the cloud, ROM was able to finalize all year-end claims and payment processes on time, which wouldn’t have been possible without OnBase Online.”

For more information about Hyland’s OnBase Online solution, visit its cloud ECM solution page.

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