SharePoint and ECM

With the release of SharePoint 2010, SharePoint adoption continues to rise. Organisations still consider Microsoft’s collaboration platform a wise investment – a point proven by the over 125 million licenses sold to more than 65.000 customers.

However it’s not always clear how SharePoint should fit into an enterprise content management (ECM) strategy. Though there are areas of overlapping functionality, the truth is, no single product can solve all your enterprise ECM needs. SharePoint is a critical component to the success of your organization, but is not optimised for process-based, structured ECM requirements.

Therefore, finding the right vendor, and the right solution, to partner with your SharePoint implementation is as critical as ever.

On June 12, 2012, Hyland Software presented on where SharePoint fits in to the overall scheme of ECM. You may view the recording of our presentation from Jim Creech, Microsoft Alliance Manager, and Glenn Gibson, Product Marketing Manager, as they explain where SharePoint fits best in the overall ECM discussion – as a natural, but critical, complement to your ECM investment.

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