The evolution of ECM to content services

Today, organisations are shedding monolithic document repositories in favor of content services platforms. Learn more about this industry shift – download the here.

Introduction to OnBase ECM

Learn the many benefits of eliminating manual and paper-based processes with enterprise content management (ECM).

Questions to ask your vendor

It is very likely that more than one vendor for a content services platform will be able to meet the functional requirements you outline in your Request for Proposal (RFP). This document is intended to help you make an informed choice by providing you with a set of questions designed to give you a clear understanding of exactly what it is you are buying.

5 questions with Mike Hurley

We sat down with Hyland Healthcare Industry Manager, Mike Hurley, to get the scoop on this latest collaboration tool to securely share health information among payers and providers.

[Report] Embracing Content Services

In this new AIIM research, discover how information management professionals view this emerging era of technology known as content services as well as their current content management strategies. Download the report to learn more.

Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management

With the OnBase Cloud, our content management cloud solution, you’re doing much more than storing information and content “in the cloud.” You’re gaining access to a host of powerful enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that will revolutionize your business processes.

Celent Customer Communication Management in Insurance 2017 ABCD Vendor View

A Platform for Change: Duck Creek and OnBase ECM

5 questions to ask about converting ECM systems

Converting enterprise content management (ECM) systems is no easy task. To keep your search focused, here are five of the most essential questions you should ask potential ECM providers.

10 Things to Keep in Mind for Effective Incident Management

Learn how to improve your incident management by limiting service interruptions with these helpful tips, which includes the help of case management software.

10 Things to Keep in Mind for Effective Incident Management

Learn how to improve your incident management by limiting service interruptions with these helpful tips, which includes the help of case management software.

4 Reasons to Invest in E-Signature Software

Learn the advantages of electronic signature software, which allows you to go paperless and organise, secure and streamline your processes.

The 5 Reasons You Need Disaster Recovery Software

Disaster Recovery Software isn't a "nice-to-have", it's a necessity. Learn why.

6 Tips for Effective Service Request Management

How to optimise your service request management with a case management solution to manage customers' expectations, speed up request resolution, and standardise any approval flows.

7 Reasons to Use Investigative Case Management Software

Find out how investigative case management can speed up and improve your fraud and non-compliance investigations.

How to choose the right vendor

There are plenty of content services vendors to choose from. But don’t let that overwhelm you. Download this step-by-step guide.

Managing the Healthcare Revenue Cycle, Part 1: Pre-Encounter Appointment Scheduling

Read this article of a three-part series, Managing the Healthcare Revenue Cycle, to learn how automated patient scheduling processes improves patient care and your revenue cycle.

Managing the Healthcare Revenue Cycle, Part 2: Patient Pre-Registration

Read this article of a nine-part series, Managing the Healthcare Revenue Cycle, to learn how automating patient registration data entry improves healthcare revenue cycle management

Healthcare Revenue Cycle, Part 3: Point of Service (POS) Collections

How a point-of-service (POS) collections payment solution can help manage a patient’s portion of payment, reducing uncertainty and speeding collection times.

Minimise IT sprawl

OnBase is a low-code rapid application platform that allows IT to keep up with the needs of the business while maintaining governance and control over their application environment. Download the article to learn more.

5 questions to ask about converting ECM systems

Converting enterprise content management (ECM) systems is no easy task. The vendor search and selection process can overwhelm even the most experienced IT buyers.

Return on investment vs. total cost of ownership

While questions about ROI are important to ask when considering converting enterprise content management (ECM) systems, it's crucial to also compare total cost of ownership. This article highlights what questions to ask potential vendors - and your organization - to get the conversation started.

3 ways automation will spark the next generation of shared services

With new technologies emerging, what does that mean for automation as we've known it? Here are the top three trends regarding automation and the evolution of the next generation of shared services.

Which should insurers prioritize first – Digitalization or improving back office processes

In this article, a roundtable of IT and ECM experts asks: Have insurers mistakenly prioritised digitalisation to the detriment of improving back office processes with potential consequences in terms of regulatory compliance, productivity and customer service?

4 reasons to connect to LOB applications with OnBase

By integrating your line-of-business applications with an enterprise content management (ECM) system such as OnBase by Hyland, organisations transform the way information is managed and processed.

5 Ways Your Workforce Benefits from OnBase Mobile Offline

Equip your mobile workforce to access information and drive business processes from their tablet devices even while working offline. Read the article.

5 ways OnBase improves the healthcare user experience

Information that resides outside of your organisation’s core systems and processes plagues every healthcare organisation. Learn how OnBase by Hyland can help you manage this content to make life easier for the people who rely on your IT systems to help them do their jobs.

6 steps to improve your revenue cycle performance using OnBase

Manage unstructured content to increase productivity, improve cash flows and enhance customer service using OnBase by Hyland enterprise content management.

8 ways HR can positively impact your company using enterprise content management

So how do you, the HR professional, build an actionable strategy to hire candidates that ensure customer satisfaction and, ultimately, increase profitability? To help get you started, we identified 8 ways HR can have a positive impact on an organization’s bottom line.

Best practices in case management: Article from KMWorld

Discover the true value of a case management approach and uncover who benefits from a case management solution.

Choosing the Right Capture Methodology

Read this AIIM article to compare capture to archive and capture to process methodologies and how to choose the best option for your organisation.

How enterprise content management increases productivity in admissions processes

As the number of applications an institution receives continues to climb each year, electronic application processing sets up institutions up for success

Asking the Right Questions: Return on Investment vs. Total Cost of Ownership

Unlike legacy document management systems that hold insurers back, the OnBase ECM solution offers more performance so insurers streamline processes – whether in claims, underwriting or back office – to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. It’s time to break up with business as usual.

AIIM Article - Purely Digital: How E-forms can Transform your Business

Read the AIIM article to learn how electronic forms (e-forms) are transforming business processes by removing time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

Smart Solutions with Intelligent Capture

Read the AIIM article to learn how intelligent capture systems are evolving and can turn ECM deployments into a powerful tool to manage data in the enterprise.

Top Five Reasons to Integrate Your Epic EMR with OnBase Enterprise Content

Why is OnBase the best ECM solution for your Epic EMR System? Learn five reasons many healthcare providers use OnBase to ensure a complete electronic record.

The top 4 ways CFOs maximize ROI with AP automation using OnBase

Accounts Payable automation can turn the AP department into a revenue generator. Read how AP automation solutions, like OnBase, help CFOs maximize their ROI.

Two Key Insights IT Needs to Know Before Choosing an ECM Solution

Learn 2 key areas where IT can provide vital insight into their organization’s ECM software purchase and become strategic business partners when vetting options

Tying systems, people and processes together to drive transparency using OnBase

OnBase gives the financial services market the ability to access real-time information and processes – from wherever you are, by almost any mobile device – to make more informed decisions. And you can easily share information internally and externally.