Berner Food increases cash flow by $1.5million with OnBase

Food and beverage company improves efficiency and productivity enterprise-wide

Berner Food, Inc. had outgrown its storage space and sharing paper documents across the company’s multiple locations was slow and cumbersome. Manually filing and retrieving information ate up too much valuable time.

The food and beverage company needed a solution that would integrate with the company’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) application without expensive custom coding. It also wanted a solution that could scale across the entire company.

Berner chose OnBase by Hyland.

“We save $125,000 in labor and operating costs each year with OnBase. Our days sales outstanding fell from 38 days to 32. At $250,000 per day, it nets a $1.5 million gain in cash flow,” said Troy Grove, CIO, Berner Food, Inc.

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4 ways OnBase helps Berner Food, Inc. improve efficiency and productivity enterprise-wide

Working with authorized OnBase solution provider, Harvest Technology Group, Berner initially implemented the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution in its Accounts Payable (AP) department. It only took about three weeks to implement the solution and Berner realized a complete return on its investment in only six and a half months.

Since then, Berner has expanded OnBase across the organization, eliminating paper and automating processes to improve efficiency and productivity enterprise wide. With OnBase, Berner also:

  • Saves $125,000 per year: AP staff in the Finance department no longer manually sort and file documents. With documents automatically matched and quickly retrievable, Berner saves $106,000 in labor costs – and another $19,000 on operational costs, such as paper, toner and storage.
  • Decreases DSO and increases cash flow: Once information is imported or scanned into OnBase, OnBase completes a three-way match process so that when Berner generates a check, it’s automatically associated with the related documents. Berner now has more options to reduce days payable outstanding (DPO), taking advantage of early pay discounts and avoiding any late-pay penalties.
  • Provides first-call resolution: With OnBase, the information AP clerks need to answer questions is all in one place and accessible from their computer, improving vendor service and relationships. It also frees up AP staff to spend more time on higher-value tasks such as processing and resolving exceptions.
  • Reduces dependence on IT: Because it is easy to administer, OnBase keeps Berner senior program analyst, Pam Gesin’s team focused on making enhancements to business processes. “OnBase is a win-win for both the IT and business sides of the house,” Gesin said. “The departments use OnBase on a daily basis to make their jobs easier and it’s the kind of system that I don’t have to worry about because it just runs.”

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