Secure access with OnBase to the complete patient record anywhere, anytime

Extend the functionality of OnBase to smartphones and tablets with OnBase Mobile Solutions to provide your clinicians and staff secure access to the complete patient record, anywhere, anytime. This provides benefits like:

  • Retrieving more complete patient information from a mobile device: Using the OnBase mobile app, clinicians view all content related to a patient directly from their mobile device. Working with your EMR, OnBase provides users instant access to a list of documents associated with a specific patient record
  • Capturing relevant patient information on the go: In addition to information retrieval, the OnBase mobile app allows clinicians and staff to capture images, videos, signatures and more, at the point of care, directly in OnBase. Photos of wounds or affected areas instantly attach to theappropriate patient record
  • Accessing all information easily to facilitate more informed care decisions: OnBase gives users mobile access to the complete patient record from virtually anywhere. With the ability to view all OnBase content that supports the patient record directly from the OnBase mobile app, clinicians have all of the relevant information for more accurate diagnoses.

By extending OnBase to a mobile environment, users create a more accurate and complete patient record while on the go – resulting in better treatment, a higher quality of care and a more satisfying end-user experience

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