AIIM Trendscape: The new mobile reality by Onbase

Imagine what would happen if we were to totally eradicate the gap between content and behavior? Find out in this report: AIIM Trendscape: Content and the Cloud: The Forecast is Decidedly Cloudy.

Learn more about the mobile information revolution through:

The Trendscape: Cloud and mobility options

We share data on opinions about the cloud and mobility, drawn from 50 senior end-user and industry executives in the US and Europe. Our intention was to understand what is both likely and critical for end-users to know about the role of mobile technologies in the enterprise.

The Context: The future role of mobile in your organization

In the second section, we share a series of comments and conclusions about the role of mobile in the future that provide the context for the Trendscape.

Our objective is to surface issues and concerns that are not readily apparent in most of the existing coverage about mobile technologies. Like most technologies on the edge, there is far more hype than light surrounding mobile, and that became very clear during our deliberations. We have structured each of the items in this context section as a sample quotation from one of the participants in the ELC meeting.

Recommendations for Action: What’s next?

What are the key issues that users should consider in contemplating the role of mobile technologies in their organization?

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