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Improving transparency and enhancing agenda management with ECM 

In most public entities, agenda management is a paper-driven process – often run by overworked staff. To make matters worse, many governmental agencies have received increasing numbers of public records in recent years. At the same time, staff are bound by legal requirements to publicly post meeting agendas.

Forcing staff to handle these increased responsibilities while dedicating significant time and energy to paper-driven processes severely limits transparency and efficiency.

Paper out, enterprise content management in

Implementing enterprise content management (ECM), where documents in the agenda management process can be scanned, edited, transmitted and disseminated electronically, presents many solutions and improved efficiencies to these problems. An ECM solution enables transparency — with digital documents and document management, so it easier to see what is happening in any government process.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves information access: When materials are available in electronic format, government employees and citizens can use mobile devices to access and share information. Electronic documents can easily be posted online and the publishing process can be automated
  • Enables document tracking: Electronic document are traceable and less likely to get lost, and it is easier to tell where an agenda item is in a workflow process – increasing transparency
  • Reduces errors: ECM adds a level of validity to document processes. When documents are digitally managed, it is more difficult for the process to become tainted. Automation of processes helps prevent errors
  • Speeds up document requests: The demand on staff time with public records requests can be satisfied faster and fulfilled more quickly using ECM tools like Web-based electronic request forms, workflow systems to route requests, electronic reminders of deadlines and notifications to staff when they have tasks to complete.

An ECM solution can bridge departments, devices, programs and efforts. It provides tools for agenda management, transparency initiatives and a range of other benefits across the government enterprise.

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