Document Storage Software

Every business generates thousands if not hundreds of thousands or even millions of documents a year. These documents contain various types of information ranging from sensitive employee vitals to use cases to marketing collateral to internal-facing corporate strategies. Over time, these documents pile up into something like a Mount Everest of data. That’s where document storage software can come in very handy. Every enterprise needs it, but the question is to what level, and what makes for smart document storage?

What is document storage?

Document storage refers to the tools and techniques for storing your company’s documents, including the rules for document retention and destruction so that you remain industry complaint (some industries have rules for getting rid of documents of a certain age or for former employees).

Document storage also includes processes for document repositories – the place where you actually store the documents – and document retrieval, or the various ways to access the information contained in the documents.

How can document storage software help your business?

Document storage software enables organisations to capture faxes and forms, save copies of documents as images, and store the image files in the repository for security and quick retrieval via text-retrieval capabilities.

How can OnBase help you with document storage?

OnBase document storage software allows you to:

  • Store your electronic files on any network discoverable file share – from Windows or Linux file servers to purpose-built storage devices – thus preventing you from having to purchase an expensive storage solution.
  • Store an unlimited number of live, online copies for each file within the system.
  • Speed up the storage and retrieval process by separating the data from the documents, allowing your database to focus on what it does best – handling the data – while your file servers handle your electronic files.

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