What’s New

OnBase Foundation: the most feature-rich, secure and forward-looking version of OnBase. OnBase is the world’s most powerful, versatile and intuitive platform for managing content, processes and cases across the enterprise. Foundation is an enduring version that includes an increased cadence of enhancements and more frequent releases to ensure the most stable, secure and feature-rich software possible.

OnBase Foundation Enhancement Pack (EP) 4 delivers new and enhanced features to help organisations:

  • Further their digital transformation efforts
  • Empower a remote and mobile workforce
  • Unlock additional value from the platform

Hyland’s user and corporate records interfaces are intuitive, and we’re always working to make them even better. This release emphasises mobile access and overall configurability to support that commitment to user experience.

Because of these features (and more!), OnBase Foundation EP4 provides the following key enhancements to meet the evolving needs of today’s users:

New mobile capabilities and enhanced online meeting functionality to empower a remote workforce

  • Next-generation OnBase Mobile provides scalable mobile access and a modernised user experience for customers who need access from their mobile devices
  • Additional functionality in the agenda management solution, including the ability to capture comments from the public during live meetings

Simplified upgrades to unlock additional value

  • A new utility enables customers to upgrade their OnBase database in seconds
  • Increased automation for upgrades means easier and faster access to new technologies and enhancements

Expanded configurability to build and adapt your OnBase solution

  • Additional document management corporate records APIs make it easier to integrate solutions with core and extended applications
  • Change control enhancements improve the test system creation process

Learn more about OnBase Foundation

OnBase Foundation is – quite literally – a foundation you can rely upon, now and into the future. It incorporates some of the most modern technology paradigms. You’ll find modern REST APIs, identity and access management services and responsive UX components that will make it easier than ever to build on and extend OnBase.

And by being on a Foundation version of OnBase, you’ll benefit from more frequent releases; quicker access to new functionality; and the most secure, stable and enduring version of your software possible.

We can’t wait for you to experience all OnBase Foundation has to offer. Start planning for an upgrade now, and access more information and release training on Hyland Community!

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