What’s New

OnBase Foundation: the most feature-rich, secure and forward-looking version of OnBase

Welcome to the latest release of OnBase – OnBase Foundation – the world’s most powerful, versatile and intuitive platform for managing content, processes and cases across the enterprise.

With enhancements and new capabilities across the platform, our newest release of OnBase empowers you with a foundation to strengthen your solutions today while equipping you for the future.

This latest release includes enhancements for both users and administrators, new security and compliance features, and stronger connections – both across Hyland’s content services offerings and with your core applications. This includes:

  • Empowering administrators with more configurable, low-code tools for developing applications, deeper integrations with core systems and increased support for Office 365
  • Our new information governance solutionGovernance Rules as a Service, created in partnership with Iron Mountain, enhances and helps automate your document retention practices with OnBase

  • New video streaming capabilities that allow users to upload videos and play them back in an OnBase viewer

  • strengthened ability to integrate your OnBase solution with Hyland’s other offerings, including Content Composer, our customer communications management product, ShareBase, our cloud-based document sharing and collaboration solution, and Brainware intelligent capture.

OnBase Foundation is – quite literally – a foundation you can rely on into the future. It will incorporate some of the most modern technology paradigms. You’ll see the first in a series of many modern REST APIs, identity and access management services and responsive UX components that will make it easier than ever to build on and extend OnBase.

And by being on a Foundation version of OnBase, you’ll benefit from more frequent releases; quicker access to new functionality; and the most secure, stable and enduring version of your software possible.

We can’t wait for you to experience all that OnBase Foundation has to offer. Start planning for an upgrade now, and access more information and release training on the Hyland Community!

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The value of continuous software development

Hyland’s commitment to the research and development of OnBase is unparalleled – 100 percent of our research and development investment goes into the enhancement of the OnBase suite of solutions.