Email Clients

Do many of your employees spend the majority of their time working directly in their email client? Often these same users will need to interact with OnBase to:

  • Retrieve a document from OnBase to attach to an email
  • Upload an emailed document into OnBase
  • Refer to a document stored in OnBase

Unfortunately, e-mail content is often disconnected from other key documents, forcing your users to constantly switch between applications to accomplish important tasks.

However, with OnBase, employees can complete their work without leaving their familiar e-mail environments! Capture e-mails and attachments into OnBase as they’re received. Instantly link this content to related transactions – instantly trigger business processes. Access OnBase documents and complete approval tasks directly from your preferred e-mail application. Minimise training and support costs while boosting user productivity.

Whether your organisation uses Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Novell Groupwise, OnBase will integrate seamlessly.

Easy adoption, connected content, better decisions – extend OnBase to your inbox!