Capture documents and data

OnBase captures documents right at the source

Regardless of format or location, OnBase captures your documents and the critical information they hold right at the source. It then organises them into a single system with minimal human interaction – removing tedious and error-prone manual data entry.

Whether paper or electronic, OnBase captures almost any file type and quickly extracts necessary information, automatically sending it to all relevant systems.

Multiple capture options on a single platform

OnBase provides a variety of ways to capture the information you need from relevant paper and electronic documents.

  • Scan paper documentsCapture a single page or thousands of documents directly from where you receive them, saving time and minimising costs associated with transportation.
  • Import electronic documents and information – Automatically capture electronic documents in their native format, directly from the applications you use on a daily basis. From CAD files to email messages and PDFs, OnBase ingests any file format. You can even use your mobile device to quickly upload photos and content while in the field, whether you are connected or offline.
  • Extract data from your documents – While capturing documents, OnBase pulls the relevant data off the page, validates it against existing information and shares it with your other systems – saving time associated with manual data entry. The extracted data is then used to automatically index documents into OnBase, making them instantly accessible.

Capture is only part of the overall OnBase product. Click here to learn more.