Required Reading and Training

Do you have documents which all your employees are required to read? Do you have mandatory training videos your employees must watch?

The burden of handling policies and procedures may seem endless. Every organization has documents that employees are mandated to read and acknowledge – from Employee Handbooks to Information Security Policies, Safe Work Procedures to Harassment Training.

While there are many ways to distribute documents to employees, often these require a lot of manual work to track and update. How do you prove that all of your employees have received and read the most current required documents for their roles?

If you are involved in litigation related to the violation of corporate guidelines or safety protocols, you must provide proof that you have adequately trained your employees. Ask yourself, where is the information that I need to prove this?

Using OnBase Document Knowledge Transfer, rapidly distribute the right documents to the right employees. Significantly reduce costs by automating the distribution and administration of required reading documents. Easily track and prove employee acknowledgements for regulatory compliance audits.

With OnBase, required reading doesn't require high administrative costs.