The Data Capture Process

One of the biggest hurdles to meeting efficiency, service and compliance goals are the manual, error-prone tasks that so many organisations cling to. With data capture process solutions, you automatically identify and capture data from your documents while creating a consistent process that ensure accurate information gets to those who need it as quickly as possible.

Build an optimised data capture process

Once you've captured all of your critical content, whether paper or electronic, documents can be routed as part of a capture process for automatic classification and data extraction. When the data has been extracted, it is validated and, through direct integrations, instantly shares the data and documents with your other systems. This ensures that information is accurate and up-to-date for decision making. 

You can easily configure the appropriate pieces of capture functionality to meet the unique capture process your documents require through a drag-and-drop designer. When used alongside OnBase content management and process automation and workflow capabilities, this capture process can be configured to occur at the beginning of a document’s lifecycle or midway through processing the document – to best optimize your processes.  

Automated Document Classification

OnBase automated document classification can identify simple barcodes or complex attributes on a page in order to automatically sort and route information.

Automated Data Extraction

Whether hand-printed or machine-printed, OnBase data capture software pulls all the relevant information right off of the page of any document. The data can then be used for automated document indexing and storage in OnBase or for updating all your other relevant business systems.

Data Validation

Interacting with your databases, OnBase compares the automatically captured data from your documents with values currently in your system to ensure accuracy.

Data and Document Delivery

An OnBase data capture solution can send the data and documents to whatever system you currently use to store content and information.