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OnBase by Hyland is delighted to announce our status as a provider and supplier of G-Cloud 5 services.

OnBase by Hyland were successful in the award of Lot 3: Software as a Service (SaaS) in the G-Cloud 5 framework and now have three Electronic Document and Record Management (EDRM) Services available in the Cloud Store.

Please find more information on the OnBase by Hyland G-Cloud services below:

OnBase Electronic Document Management

OnBase Cloud Document Management delivers core Electronic Content Management (ECM) capabilities in the key areas of Capture, Store and Access.

The solution enables customers to ingest content in various formats – like PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, scanned images and more. This content can be classified against a corporate taxonomy or filing structure to ensure consistent and compliant storage. Additionally, links can be defined between relevant content, such as documents relating to an RFP process. This enables automatic cross-referencing when filing and retrieving content.

Searching for content can be as simple or as detailed as the user requires. Fast, keyword-based searching combined with folder-based retrieval is available to all users – while more advanced users can create predefined search terms (or queries) for regular content searches.

Ensuring the security of content is paramount, so access controls can be placed on all types of content at a system, folder and document level. That way, users only get access to the content that they should, and full audit trail capabilities provide the confidence required to manage that access.

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OnBase Human Resource Cloud

To meet employment regulations and drive internal processes, HR departments must manage hundreds or even thousands of employee files and supporting documents. Ensuring easy access to this content for retrieval and audits can be a challenge – especially when documents are stored on paper across various file cabinets.

OnBase Cloud for HR enables HR departments to better manage employee files, equipping personnel with secure, instant access to information. With OnBase, organisations store employee documents electronically in one central location, reducing the time spent searching for content while increasing security and supporting compliance initiatives. Authorised personnel interact with documents and data directly, driving efficiency while moving HR processes forward. And by deploying the solution in the cloud, organisations minimise IT resources, accelerate implementation timelines and reduce costs associated with software and installation.

HR staff can also interact with employee-specific content directly from their email inbox, improving decision-making and accelerating related processes – even while on the go. By offering instant access to information via preferred applications, OnBase minimises training requirements and enables HR to provide better service by rapidly responding to employee requests. And with less time spent managing files, personnel can focus on high-value initiatives such as employee retention and professional development.

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OnBase Active Policy Management

OnBase Cloud Active Policy Management enables organisations to rapidly distribute required reading documents to an entire employee workforce and easily audit reading compliance for legal, regulatory or educational purposes. The solution ensures all employee users receive the correct versions of all required documents and that deadlines for document reviews and acknowledgements are enforced.

There are numerous situations where OnBase Cloud Active Policy Management brings value, including:

Human Resources: Automatically distribute employee handbooks, new employee information and security policies to all employees required to review and acknowledge the information. Provide immediate access to the complete catalogue of mandatory reading and record employee reading acknowledgements.

Manufacturing: Meet ISO-9000 and other requirements by providing an auditable trail of distribution and reading acknowledgements for material safety data sheets, operating procedures and other documents.

Hospitals and Clinics: Notify technicians of changes in policy and procedures and capture their acknowledgements. Should the process methodology for a specific machine change, all affected technicians will be presented with a document to read and acknowledge. Acknowledgements are tracked by user or by document.

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