Technical Account Managers provide added layer of tech support

We’ve got your back.

For Hyland, creator of OnBase, our customers are our partners. When you become a customer of Hyland, we want to make sure we’re helping you meet your strategic goals for your OnBase solution. We recognise not every customer has the same resources. Some – specifically our enterprise customers or those customers who are in the process of deploying OnBase enterprise-wide – may need an additional technical resource that extends beyond technical support.

That’s where our Technical Account Manager comes in.   

To complement our existing OnBase support offerings, we created the Technical Account Manager (TAM) role to provide a long-term relationship resource that focuses on the technical aspects of the customer’s OnBase implementation and on the overall direction of the solution.

Every customer has strategic goals within their organisation which require attention – and some take priority over other projects. Once engaged with the TAM programme, your TAM will work with you by focusing on these strategic initiatives to help you achieve your goals for your OnBase system.

TAMs also work closely with our customers on IT planning and strategy as well as any technical-related concerns – assisting internal Hyland departments with customer-related technical questions, too.

Technical Support remains our customers’ first point of contact for trouble-shooting new issues, your Customer Account Manager (CAM) still manages your relationship and Hyland Global Services continues to conduct OnBase project engagements.

The TAM helps bridge any gaps that may not be covered under standard maintenance. For example, customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance have access to:

  • 24 hour-seven-days-a-week access to their dedicated Tech Support Team to talk to a non-outsourced rep to help troubleshoot and diagnose issues
  • The latest enhancements of the software as well as fixed defects in order to upgrade when necessary
  • PROD, TEST and DEV systems at no cost
  • Our online community

For many, this support is more than enough. The TAM is an added service for those customers who want to engage more proactively with Hyland technical resources – beyond what technical support offers – to actively help achieve specific, strategic goals through recommended best practices and growth opportunities.