Agenda, Minutes, Video and Voting

A single solution for legislative management

Improve the legislative process with the OnBase Agenda Management software solution

Gathering and scheduling meeting agenda items in emails, documents, spreadsheets and paper is time consuming for your staff. And they may not even have the latest versions of documents. After hours of printing and collating, last-minute changes and ad-hoc items only add pressure to already tight deadlines. The OnBase Agenda Management solution automates the labor-intensive approval, assembly and distribution of agenda management and minutes management tasks, speeding up legislative processes.

With OnBase agenda software, users:

  • Auto-create, assemble and update packets instantly
  • Stay on top of requests by tracking submissions using workflow automation
  • Identify and address bottlenecks in the process
  • Track agenda items after a meeting

With the Agenda Management solution, packet assembly is fast and enhances your view of the status of individual agenda items. While staff centrally manage requests and automatically send agendas on for approval, workflow automation and a built-in audit trail enforce the proper review and approval procedures. Agendas and minutes can be easily published to the web or other systems, and clerks can automate follow-up actions.

Whether you’re publishing agendas to a website or existing software systems, OnBase connects the entire agency to increase efficiency and transparency. You can use your OnBase foundation across your organization to meet the needs of individual departments and processes, whether it is your first OnBase purchase or an expansion of your enterprise content management (ECM) strategy.

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