Integration for Accela

Speed up projects with the OnBase Integration for Accela Automation

Today, government must find ways to do more with less – and Planning, Streets and Sewers departments are no different. The more value you can leverage from existing resources means the more time and money you can devote to future projects. With the OnBase Integration for Accela Automation®, you provide instant, secure access to drawings and documents for developers, engineers, inspectors, project managers and more, allowing them to complete projects on time or ahead of schedule.

By integrating OnBase with Accela Automation, planning departments:

  • Provide users with instant access to information when it’s needed
  • Connect related systems and processes, eliminating paper and manual processing
  • Increase document security and automatically manage retention

With the OnBase Integration for Accela Automation, you get more value out of your existing IT investment. You also make it easier for planning teams to access documents and find answers so projects run faster and more efficiently.