Extend the value of your NextGen investment

Your investment in NextGen represents a clear organisational commitment to patient care and service. Additionally, NextGen’s commitment to customer support is embodied in its creation of an integration-friendly architecture that makes it uniquely easy to connect and unify value-added solutions. OnBase enterprise content management is one such solution.

NextGen integration with OnBase provides you with:

  • Paperless front-office registration 
  • Disconnected home health solutions to support field staff 
  • Electronic forms designer that allows business unit owners to create forms 
  • High-volume capture of key data and powerful user viewers 
  • Automated workflow and automatic capture of documents that can become searchable text and instantly associated with the patient’s chart 
  • Integration with other systems and applications such as ERPs, Microsoft Outlook and home-grown applications 

Those organisations that use OnBase in conjunction with their NextGen system:

  • Establish a complete, secure electronic patient record compliant with Meaningful Use 
  • Heighten physician satisfaction by providing immediate access to all the data they need 
  • Empower more informed care for improved outcomes and patient satisfaction 
  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper and disparate systems with a centralised electronic repository 
  • Streamline clinical and administrative processes with content-centric automation 

NextGen and OnBase are two applications built with integration in mind. NextGen’s Template Designer tool, coupled with OnBase’s variety of viewer options, enables a production-ready solution in 20 minutes over the phone, even for those not familiar with OnBase. This is possible because NextGen’s Template Designer supports iFrames and allows point-and-click construction of URL hyperlinks.

On the OnBase side, a URL designer tool that produces the type of the results the NextGen tool needs. NextGen replaces a portion of the URL to make it context sensitive, and that is it. The result is an embedded, world-class ECM solution that captures all the content NextGen does not and displays it, in the correct patient context, right in the NextGen application. In addition, a simple-to-configure HL7 interface passes information back and forth between the two applications and simplifies indexing the wide variety of non-structured data NextGen. 

Ultimately, all patient data that’s generated is available in one place – within NextGen. This immediate access to patient information, in turn, helps increase physician satisfaction according to Gartner Research.

OnBase is the only ECM solution with a point-and-click utility to facilitate easy integration with NextGen. Additionally, OnBase is the only ECM that with point-and-click configurability that can form to your business – across your enterprise. By using an enterprise-class and yet simple-to-embed application, you get the best of both EMR and ECM worlds, being able to automate process and improve outcomes and user satisfaction across all departments and business units.