Community Care Software

Empower more informed decisions faster with OnBase

For community care professionals, leaving a folder behind means making a return trip to the office. It’s tough to make care decisions when you don’t have the information you need. Freeing community care staff from having to rely on manual processes and hard copies of patient records, OnBase community care software solutions empower them to make more informed decisions, faster.

Streamline processes, increase information access and reduce costs while improving care quality and coordination

By storing patient information in a secure, central repository, it no longer lives in hard copy, saving the expense of paper and travel time while eliminating risks of a security breach. Further, staff take content offline to the patient’s home, add new information and sync with the core Medical Records Management systems later, reducing their travel back and forth from the office to site visits.

With automated workflows and case management capabilities, OnBase streamlines home health processes to more efficiently manage increased volume and regulatory changes by:

  • Reducing re-admittance rates by making it easier to document patient progress, with up-to-date reference patient-related material and improved information accuracy
  • Eliminating paper to reduce the need (and expense) of traveling to/from the office to retrieve forms
  • Providing the documentation, audit trails and compliant security to meet the increasing number of regulatory requirements

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