Clinical Data Management Solutions

How clinical data management helps healthcare organisations

Healthcare is constantly evolving. The need for a fully integrated and complete medical record is more important than ever.  Even with a fully implemented EPR, at least 50% of the patient content is generated outside the EPR system.  Information is gathered on paper, in faxes, with clinical images from different locations, facilities, machines and vendors. All of this unstructured information from disparate systems leaves your physicians and clinicians searching for important information instead of doing what they do best – focusing on patient care.

Integration and Access – Complete Record, Seamless Care

OnBase helps clinical departments operate with the complete patient record in mind.  All clinical content is gathered and stored, ready to be accessed with a mouse click from inside the EPR. No more waiting. No more searching. No more accessing multiple systems.   Dr. Robert S. Juhasz,  Associate Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic said it best, “The ideal goal is interoperability. That is really the best opportunity for optimal care…with OnBase, the information is at the right place at the right time for the right person."

Diagnostic Content - Create it, Share it

OnBase not only has the solutions you need for clinical data management, it also helps with its creation. Diagnostic Solutions for specialties such as maternal fetal medicine and gastroenterology allow physicians to review prior exams, capture clinical images, and create reports. OnBase then automatically integrates this report into the EPR and sends it to the referring physician. Immediate and complete. No more waiting for printing, copying, and faxing.

Instant Access – Across the Hall, Across the Globe

OnBase allows physician access to patient content with secure internet and mobile applications. Making time sensitive clinical decisions from home, office or while traveling allows for more responsive, effective care.   Simple tasks like signing off chart deficiencies are streamlined, keeping records current.  With effective clinical data management, your physicians stay connected whether they’re across the hall, across the street or across the country.

The connected healthcare enterprise with OnBase by Hyland